Case studies

Find out how newsrooms, corporates and government institutions improve their reports with Datawrapper.
image Aftenposten: “An article with a chart feels like a better article.”

How Datawrapper helped in Aftenposten’s transition from a print newspaper to “digital-first”

image Statistics Flanders: “We want to reach everyone.”

How Statistics Flanders in Belgium makes statistics a public good with Datawrapper

image New America: “Dammit, why didn’t we just pay for Datawrapper a year ago?”

How and why the US-American think tank switched from an in-house charting tool to Datawrapper.

image Journalism professor Adam Marton: “The students don’t have any trouble picking it up.”

A few weeks ago, we released free training slides that you can use to teach Datawrapper. Graphic…

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