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Enrich your reports with responsive, interactive data visualization, at the click of a button.
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Improve your reports with web-based charts and maps
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Integrate with your CMS

Integrate Datawrapper into any commercial, open-source or in-house content management system. Start creating web-based visualizations without adding yet another tool to your workflows – including multi-channel output for web & PDF reports.

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White-label brand design

Keep control over your brand. With Datawrapper, everyone in your team will create charts, maps and tables in your company style. We work together with your designers in a one-on-one process to craft a design template for your graphics, exactly according to your style guide.

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Connect to your data sources

Connect your visualization to a live data feed to keep it up-to-date, without any manual updating. Whenever your source data changes, the update is visible immediately across your visualizations.

Interactive Powerpoint presentations

Embed Datawrapper charts, maps, and tables in your Powerpoint presentations for added effect.

They stay interactive: You can zoom in maps, hover over data points, or highlight categories right during your presentation.

Learn in our Academy how to bring your Datawrapper visualizations into Powerpoint

Leverage your data for research, marketing & communication.

Create & share visualizations securely using Datawrapper.

Collaborate in teams
Make use of shared folders, Slack and Teams integration, and admin permissions to see what your team is creating. Learn more.
Private by default
No matter which plan you choose, all your visualizations and data are private until you hit the “Publish” button.
Comes in your design
Send us your style guide and we’ll create a custom design theme for your brand, 100% white-labeled. Learn more.
Export as PDF or SVG
Download your finished graphics as full-vector PDF or SVG files to refine them in tools like Adobe Illustrator.
Fast to load & use
All Datawrapper visualizations are optimized for immediate visibility across all devices and network speeds.
Fully responsive
All visualizations are fully responsive & display perfectly on desktop and mobile.
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