Create data visualizations
in teams

Work together on charts, maps, and tables – with live collaboration, shared folders, and more.
Stay on the same page chart

Never miss an edit, chase an email attachment, or get lost in duplicate files again.

Datawrapper automatically saves all edits to your charts, maps, and tables and makes them available to the rest of your team.

Work together in real time

With live collaboration, you and your team members can all work on the same visualization at once. Edits are immediately visible to every other team member.

Avatars indicate who’s making which changes, so you’ll never get in each other’s way.

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Go back in time

Don’t worry about colleagues making changes to your visualization: You can always restore past versions with edit history.

See who edited when, view their changes, then restore any past version you need — or turn it into a new visualization of its own.

Published versions of your visualization are highlighted, so you can easily stay aligned with what your readers see.

Learn more about edit history
Know who you’re working with

Every team member can personalize their Datawrapper account with a name, picture, and profile color.

This way, you can see at a glance who’s working on your visualization.

Learn more about changing your name and picture
Organize your teamwork in folders

Set up folders and subfolders that mirror your workflows – for steps in the chart creation process, collaborations with clients, or keeping track of student assignments.

Not ready to share your work? Every Datawrapper user has a private workspace that no one else can access.

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Ensure security compliance with SSO, 2FA, and team permissions

As a team admin, you can review each member’s sign-in method. Are they using single-sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication (2FA), or just a password? You’re in the loop.

You can also set each member’s permissions, managing who can change your team’s settings and invite new members.

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Here’s what else Datawrapper has to offer

Everything your organization needs to visualize data professionally

Dark mode
All visualizations work seamlessly in both light and dark mode, adapting to your readers’ preferences. Learn more.
Print export
Export print-ready PDFs with custom layouts, pre-defined CMYK colors, and pre-defined sizes. Learn more.
Use over 50 languages, right-to-left format, and multiple number formats for your visualizations. Learn more.
Create more accessible visualizations – thanks to e.g. keyboard navigation and automatic alt texts. Learn more.
Comes in your design
Send us your style guide and we’ll create a custom design theme for your brand, 100% white-labeled. Learn more.
ISO 27001 certification, hosting in Europe, backups: Confidential data and visualizations are safe with Datawrapper. Learn more.
Fully responsive
All visualizations are fully responsive & display perfectly on desktop and mobile.
Private by default
No matter which plan you choose, all your visualizations and data are private until you hit the “Publish” button.
Automate chart creation
Create, update, and export visualizations without a single click, using our state-of-the-art API. Learn more.
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