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A great way to get up to speed with Datawrapper is to attend one of our free webinars.

Our product specialist Guillermina Sutter Schneider will show you everything, from a basic introduction to Datawrapper to deep dives into creating maps, charts, and tables.

She’ll be joined by one of our support engineers who will answer all your Datawrapper-related questions during the webinar.

Upcoming webinars

Datawrapper tables: Deep dive

Wednesday, May 15, at 6pm CET/ 12pm EDT, 1h

Are you already familiar with Datawrapper and interested in exploring its advanced features for creating tables? This webinar is for you! Join us to dive deeper into the world of Datawrapper tables.

Join Datawrapper product specialist Guillermina and discover:

    How to customize Datawrapper tables to your needs
    How to make values jump out visually with heatmaps
    How to add tiny column and line charts to your tables
    Resources to keep learning more
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Getting started with Datawrapper

Wednesday, May 22, at 6pm CET/ 12pm EDT, 1h

Just starting out with Datawrapper, or curious about whether it’s the right tool for your work, research, or personal projects? This webinar is for you!

You’ll learn what Datawrapper’s all about, and how to get started and create engaging visualizations.

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Datawrapper’s API: A beginner’s guide with Python

Wednesday, May 29, at 6pm CET/ 12pm EDT, 1h

Are you already familiar with Python and interested in automating your workflow with Datawrapper’s API? This webinar is for you!

Join Datawrapper Product Specialist Guillermina and discover:

    What you can do with Datawrapper’s API
    When and why you should use Datawrapper’s API
    How you can connect to Datawrapper’s API with Python to create, edit and publish visualizations
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Questions about our webinars

Past attendees would say so. 77% of them who completed a survey after attending one of our webinars said they’re “very likely” to attend another one. (The rest says it’s “likely”.)

We’ve heard our webinars described as “absolutely fantastic,” “really awesome,” and “straightforward and easy to understand.”

No. You will only see Datawrapper team members during the webinar. No participant can turn on their video and audio.

However, you can communicate with other participants via chat – and if you have questions, you can ask them in our question box and Guillermina or others will be happy to answer them.

Sure you can! The more the merrier. However, we ask that each attendee registers individually.

Also, if your organization is on a Custom or Enterprise plan, a training session is included in your plan. If you’re interested, please contact us at

Right now, we’re only making recordings available to webinar registrants. To re-watch a session, go to the registration link on (the one we link to in the list of webinars above) and make sure you’re logged in. Then click “Join” to replay the session. The recording will be available for 12 months after the webinar.

We post all upcoming webinars on social media, so to keep up to date, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. We also list all future sessions here, so just come back to this website from time to time!

Do you want to teach Datawrapper yourself?

We prepared 240 slides and 5 exercises for your next Datawrapper workshop.
Illustration of a person teaching others how to use Datawrapper Find our training materials here

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