Enrich your
stories with charts,
maps and tables.

 image of example Datawrapper scatterplot
 image of example Datawrapper scatterplot


Use one of our 19 interactive & responsive chart types ranging from simple bars and lines to arrow, range and scatter plots.

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 image of example Datawrapper locator map
 image of example Datawrapper locator map


We offer three interactive & responsive map types for making anything from locator maps to thematic choropleth & symbol maps.

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 image of example Datawrapper table
 image of example Datawrapper table


Our shiny new responsive data tables allow for lots of styling options and let you include bar & line charts, images, a search bar and pagination.

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Serving charts and maps for millions of readers, every day.

Datawrapper helps some of the world's best teams to tell their stories with data.

Logo wall showing companies that use Datawrapper, like BuzzFeed News, Vox, Guardian, Fitch Ratings, Moodys, Forbes, The Times
Logo wall showing companies that use Datawrapper, like BuzzFeed News, Vox, Guardian, Fitch Ratings, Moodys, Forbes, The Times

No code or design skills required.

Our goal is to enable everyone to create beautiful charts, maps & tables. Including you.


Copy & paste your data

Copy your data from the web, Excel or Google Sheets. You can also upload CSV/XLS files or link to an URL or Google Sheet for live-updating charts.

 screenshot of step 1 in Datawrapper: upload your data

Edit your chart

Choose from many chart and map types with one click. Then customize and annotate your chart to make it more effective.

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 an animation of step 3 in Datawrapper, in which a user edits a scatterplot

Publish & embed/print

Copy the responsive embed code into your CMS or website to show the interactive version, or export the chart as a PNG, SVG or PDF to print it.

 screenshot of Datawrapper publishing options & export options

All the features you need to create visualizations for your articles, reports or publications.

Missing something? Special wishes? Tell us at hello@datawrapper.de.

Export for your needs
All your charts are available as responsive iframe, PNGs, SVGs or as print-ready PDFs with defined CMYK colors.
Create in your brand design
Send us your style guide and we'll create a custom chart theme for your brand, 100% white-labeled. Learn more in our FAQ.
Finance and government organi-
zations use us to create charts in their corporate on-premise environments.
Automate your workflows
Create, update and export charts without a single click, with our state-of-the-art API. Read the documentation here.
Private charts by default
No matter which plan you choose, all your charts & data are private by default until you hit the "Publish" button.
Uptime guaranteed
Datawrapper charts scale to the largest audiences and support even millions of viewers.

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