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Screenshot from a Datawrapper chart embedded in the digital site of The Philadelphia Inquirer. Next to it is the cover page of the print edition of the same newspaper, where the same chart appears.
Export your visualizations as print-ready PDFs with their own layout and CMYK colors.
Print colors, fonts and layout just a click away

What works best on the web isn’t always right for paper. That’s why Datawrapper lets you define custom layout elements, margins, colors, fonts, and font sizes specifically for your print output.

Design your visualization once, then create web and print versions with the click of a button.

See it in action at the L.A.Times ↗
Image showing the same Datawrapper line chart as a web and a print chart, with a button above saying
Precise CMYK colors made simple

For professional printing your visualizations should be in the CMYK color space with true (or rich) blacks, whereas web charts shine in RGB. That’s why you can define both RGB colors and CMYK alternatives in Datawrapper.

Export a chart for the web, and it uses RGB colors. Export the same chart for print, and you’ll get a PDF with the exact CMYK colors you defined. There’s no need to change the colors in graphics software after exporting.

A colorful Datawrapper area chart where CMYK values are laid on top. For example, the black part of the chart has the CMYK values
Presets that make your life easier

Everyone in your team can use the same presets for their visualizations. You can define

👉 the width and height of visualizations (in mm, px, or inches)
👉 whether their background is transparent or filled
👉 whether the exported PDF should have a margin

Then name the presets as you like (e.g. “2 columns”).

Read about print export at the Philadelphia Inquirer
100% vectors, 100% editable PDFs & SVGs

When you download a Datawrapper visualization as a PDF or SVG, you’re downloading vectors only. That means you can tweak your visualizations in software like Adobe Illustrator, or use them as a starting point for animations.

Text boxes remain text boxes (instead of outlined text), so you can fix that typo in the title even after downloading your chart, map, or table.

Lines and areas can be recolored; gridlines can be moved.

And because vector graphics look sharp no matter what size they are, you can fill billboards with Datawrapper visualizations. (Tell us when you do!)

Read more about PDF export in the Datawrapper Academy
Having visualizations adjusted for print is a huge time saver

Our customers love the Datawrapper print export, because they save time manually adjusting their visualizations. Here’s what they say:

👉 “This is the first chart we’ve been able to export in our new print theme in @Datawrapper and put *directly* on the page without any fiddling in Illustrator. This is a *huge win* for us!”
Courtney (C.J.) Sinner, Star Tribune

👉 “I think anyone who has worked in a print graphics department will get what a big deal it is.”
– Ben Welsh, L.A. Times

👉 “We have since yesterday at Le Temps a Datawrapper chart template for print. We used for p.3 of today’s issue. Our prod team is thrilled (and so am I).”
Duc-Quang Nguyen, Le Temps

Photos of printed Datawrappper charts and maps in different newspapers

Here’s what else Datawrapper has to offer

Everything your organization needs to visualize data professionally

Dark mode
All visualizations work seamlessly in both light and dark mode, adapting to your readers’ preferences. Learn more.
Use over 50 languages, right-to-left format, and multiple number formats for your visualizations. Learn more.
Comes in your design
Send us your style guide and we’ll create a custom design theme for your brand, 100% white-labeled. Learn more.
Create more accessible visualizations – thanks to e.g. keyboard navigation and automatic alt texts. Learn more.
No tracking, no cookies, no third-party scripts: Datawrapper embeds don’t compromise your website visitors’ privacy. Learn more.
ISO 27001 certification, hosting in Europe, backups: Confidential data and visualizations are safe with Datawrapper. Learn more.
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