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February, 2023
Feb 28

We fixed an issue with the mobile fallback view of tables, whereby columns would not line up correctly when using a double-row header and merging empty cells.

Feb 27
Text annotations

Curved annotation lines no longer overlap with the annotation text box. We also improved the positioning, so the line is always connected to the actual text instead of the text box.

Feb 22
Locator maps
  • Updated the map data for locator maps to OpenStreetMap data from 2022-03-07.
  • The map data for the area markers (highlight region) and minimap features have been updated too. These data are from 2022-10-03.
  • Fixed gaps in streets at certain locations and zoom levels.
  • Protected areas (e.g. national parks and cultural heritage sites) are rendered in green color only when there’s a forest.
  • Show fewer tiny roads (service roads) on low zoom levels.
Feb 21
Line and area charts

X-axes with text scales now render correctly when there are duplicate values.

Feb 16
Line and area charts

We disabled the ‘custom ticks’ input field for charts with text-based axis to account for incompatibility.

Feb 8
Locator maps

We removed an unintended space within decimal values in the scale bar.

Feb 1

Column names can now be changed with the size legend enabled without an issue.

January, 2023
Jan 30
Locator maps

Duplicate markers are now placed on top of the original layer, so they are easier to select, move, and edit.

Jan 27
Locator maps

When the scale bar is displayed in miles, it now uses the correct singular and plural forms.

Jan 26
Scatterplots, symbol maps

We added the option to reduce symbol size on smaller screens (below 450px wide).

Jan 25
Choropleth and symbol maps

We fixed a bug with some color legends not working when using natural breaks in color scale.

Jan 24
Symbol maps

A symbol size legend can now be added to symbol maps.

Jan 20
Line and area charts

We fixed an issue with the alignment of the horizontal axis grid when using categorical data.

Symbol maps

You can now add symbols to regions of a basemap — either by searching for a region key in the place search or by adding region keys to your address column and then clicking on “create coordinates”.

Jan 19

Legends inside of symbol and choropleth maps now have a subtle stroke to separate them from the chart background. This replaces the semi-opaque rectangle that used to serve the same purpose.

Jan 13
Locator maps

We fixed dark mode preview in the chart editor.

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