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April, 2021
Apr 13

Added updated Rural Municipalities for Denmark.

Apr 12

Added updated Counties for Iran.

Apr 9

Added updated Municipalities for Iceland.

Apr 8

Added updated 3-Digit ZIP Codes and 5-Digit ZIP Codes per state for Germany.

Apr 7

Added Security Regions for the Netherlands, Zones and Districts for Ethiopia.

Apr 6
pdf export

Add setting Enable ligatures (on by default) to fine tune text rendering in the exported PDF document.

pdf & svg export

Moved the Scale factor and Full vector mode settings under Show advanced options.

March, 2021
Mar 29

Added updated Microregions for Brazil, updated Municipalities for Colombia and updated ZIP Codes for Denmark.

Mar 26

Added cartogram for New York City School Districts, USA.

Mar 25

We fixed a bug that prevented guest users from changing the UI language in Datawrapper.

Mar 23

Added UHF42 Districts for New York City and Neighborhoods for San Fransisco, USA.

Mar 18

Added Electoral Districts and Polling Divisions for Yukon, Canada, square Cartogram for States, USA and Barrios for Campo Grande, Brazil.

Mar 17

Added updated State Legislative Districts Lower for USA.

Mar 16

You can now enter an alternative text description for visualizations that will be used in screen readers.


Added updated Census Tracts for USA.

Mar 11

Added MSOA per Region for UK.

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