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Our team in December 2018, a long time ago. Not pictured: The almost ten team members who joined afterwards. You can find them in the list below.

Datawrapper is a tool created by a team of 17 people. We work together to create the best charting tool for everyone who wants to show their data in beautiful charts and maps.

As toolmakers, we share the responsibility for the design of the charts and maps our users create. We think a lot about what makes a good chart good. What’s important for our users. And what’s important for those who will eventually look at their charts.

Our background helps: We spent many years studying data visualization and working as practitioners in international newsrooms like The New York Times, NPR, Deutsche Welle, Bloomberg, Correctiv and ZEIT Online. We’ve given dozens (hundreds?) of workshops and talks, contributed to community discussions through widely shared blog posts and worked on open source tools and resources that are being used around the world.

We learned a thing or two about good chart design. Now we want to make our users benefit from these learnings – so that they can skip the beginner’s mistakes and create well-designed charts, maps, and tables.

Our team

David Kokkelink (@DavidKokkelink) is the CEO of Datawrapper, with a focus on daily operations and sales. As such, he works directly with users, visits customers from time to time, and keeps the office fridge filled.
photo of Mirko Lorenz
Mirko Lorenz (@mirkolorenz) is Chairman of the Board. Before that, he served as CEO and later Co-CEO of the company for almost 10 years until 2019. His focus today is long-term strategy, working closely with the management team.
photo of Gregor Aisch
Gregor Aisch (@driven_by_data) is CTO at Datawrapper. He started working on Datawrapper in 2012 and spent four years making graphics at The New York Times. Gregor lives in Berlin.
Profile picture of Lisa Charlotte Rost
Lisa Charlotte Muth (@lisacmuth, formerly Lisa Charlotte Rost) is responsible for the communication at Datawrapper, especially the blog. She’s been writing about data vis for years and is excited to learn and teach.
Ivan Lokhov (@ilokhov) is a developer at Datawrapper, with a focus on front end engineering. He works on various aspects of Datawrapper and enjoys creating his own visualisations by combining his front end knowledge with passion for good design.
Anna Thieme is a basemap creator at Datawrapper, creating and updating maps for our mapping tool. When she’s not digging into shapefiles, TopoJSONs, qGis and mapshaper, she’s running her own catering company in Berlin. You need a map? Get in touch with her at support@datawrapper.de.
photo of David Wendler
David Wendler (@newreld) is our head of design. Together with everyone else on the team he works on the user experience of Datawrapper. Before working at Datawrapper, he was responsible for the design at the interactive team of Berliner Morgenpost / Funke Medien Gruppe.
Elana Levin Schtulberg (@elanaEllesce) takes care of our user support. She’s here to answer all your Datawrapper questions, help, teach and advise. Elana is into design and coding and recently started making some of her own interactive visualisations. She’s keen to try and fix any bugs you find on her own.
Hendrik Bartusch (@eXo_X5) is a backend developer at Datawrapper. Since he believes that only code that you wrote yourself, is code you truly understand (which is important for maintenance and debugging), he is often coding until late in the night until something is really DONE.
Hans Hack (@hnshck) is a front end developer at Datawrapper. He started working at Datawrapper in 2018 and spent the last years working in the field of data visualization with a strong focus on maps. Hans lives in Berlin.
photo of Simon Jokers
Simon Jockers (@sjockers) is a software engineer at Datawrapper, where he contributes to the chart editor and to chart types. Outside of Datawrapper, he helps organizing the Berlin Hacks/Hackers meetup and works on way too many side projects.
photo of Daniela Haake
Daniela Haake is the Operational Manager responsible for human resources, accounting, and information security. When she is not managing our office, she works as a coach to help people find solutions to their individual problems and gives workshops on self and time management.
photo of Jakub Valenta
Jakub Valenta (@kuba100) is a software engineer at Datawrapper. He makes sure our PDF and SVG export produces high quality results. He is also making conceptual art and never stops being excited that the world exists.
photo of Aya Tanikawa
Aya Tanikawa (@ayatnkw) is a support engineer at Datawrapper. She answers user requests, writes Academy articles, and enjoys solving problems with and for our users. When not at work, you can find her taking long walks in the woods. Get in touch with her with all your questions at support@datawrapper.de.
photo of Edurne Morillo
Edurne Morillo (@EdurneMG) is a support engineer at Datawrapper. A data journalist in training, she enjoys writing data stories and helping users and newsrooms to create compelling visualisations. When not at work, you can find her traveling and taking analog pictures. Get in touch with her at support@datawrapper.de.
photo of Rose Mintzer-Sweeney
Rose Mintzer-Sweeney (@rosemintzers) writes communications at Datawrapper. She’s here to talk data vis, tell stories, and tweak punctuation. The rest of the time, you can find her exploring new cities and googling the etymology of every word you say. Drop her a line at rose@datawrapper.de.
Margaux Bourdon is a support engineer at Datawrapper. She’s answering our clients’ inquiries and concerns five days a week. Otherwise, you’ll find her wondering which craft to learn next or wandering flea markets. Don’t hesitate to reach out, even for the easiest things – there are no silly questions.

How to reach us

Do you have questions or feedback? Do you want to work with us? We’re always happy to hear from you.
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