Multiple lines

Your favorite Datawrapper line charts, now in a small multiple layout.
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Small charts for the bigger picture.

Multiple lines make it easy to compare trends across categories.

Flexible, responsive layout

Three tall panels in a row? Or two vertically stacked? Lots of tiny squares? In our small multiples, you can set layouts both for desktop and mobile, choose a subset of panels for smaller screens, and have fine control over panel height and width.

All the power of a line chart…

Powerful text annotations and range highlights. Custom styling of your lines’ color, width, and dash. Interactive tooltips and responsive mobile design. All the features you’ve come to expect from our line charts are here in multiple lines too.

Learn more about customizing multiple line charts.

Small multiples are more than just a bunch of solo charts. With synchronized tooltips, mass editing for your lines and annotations, and axis labels that don’t repeat themselves, Datawrapper multiple line charts are a big step forward for you and your readers.

Read about designing for small multiples on our blog.
Fully responsive
All visualizations are fully responsive & display perfectly on desktop and mobile.
Highlight areas
Use our vertical and horizontal range highlights to mark time ranges, e.g. to highlight projections.
Colorblind check
Benefit from our colorblindness simulator that automatically flags problematic colors. Learn more.
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Examples of multiple line charts

Get inspired, or reuse them for your own needs.

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