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Join us for Unwrapped, where you’ll see how others are making the most of Datawrapper. The conference will be a space for advanced users to learn from each other, for beginners to get to the next level, and for curious people to learn what’s possible with Datawrapper.

Unwrapped will take place from Wednesday, March 13 to Friday, March 15, 2024 — in the mornings for Americans, afternoons for Europe and Africa, and evenings for Asia. Everything will take place online, to make it possible for all our users to attend.


We’ll announce the >20 speakers here in the coming weeks:

Amanda Cox, Bloomberg
Keynote: Making better simple charts

Amanda Cox is the executive editor for data journalism at Bloomberg and former editor of the New York Times data journalism section The Upshot. In her keynote, she’ll share insights from many years of helping others build great charts.

More about Amanda’s talk
Julius Tröger, ZEIT Online
How we ditched D3 and mostly used Datawrapper

Julius Tröger is head of Data and Visualization at the German newsroom ZEIT Online. His talk will cover how his team has used Datawrapper visualizations for animations, live dashboards, and scroll formats.

More about Julius’ talk
C.J. Sinner, Star Tribune
Secret scatterplots: how we made 4 unique Datawrapper charts

C.J. is the Director of Graphics and Data Visuals at the Star Tribune. She’ll talk about how her team created a timeline, a lollipop chart, a beeswarm chart and a Taylor Swift Eras Tour surprise song tracker – all with the Datawrapper scatterplot chart type.

More about C.J.’s talk
Anna Lombardi, Copernicus
Datawrapper was my life vest, both in a frantic national newsroom and in an EU research centre

Anna Lombardi is a data journalist turned climate data visualizer at the Copernicus Climate Change Service. She’ll talk about how Datawrapper has helped her in very different work environments.

More about Anna’s talk
Alberto Cairo: The Art of Insight
Special edition of the Data Vis Book Club

Unwrapped will host a special edition of Datawrapper’s Data Vis Book Club<: Alberto Cairo will speak about his latest book “The Art of Insight,” for which he interviewed lots of data visualizers. Join us (with or without having read his book) to learn what he learned while doing so.

More about this book club session
Jon McClure and Ben Welsh, Reuters
Bare Facts First

Jon McClure and Ben Welsh create graphics at Reuters. At Unwrapped, they’ll talk how the reporters, editors and computer programmers at Reuters use Datawrapper to create, automate and disseminate hundreds of charts each week.

More about Ben and Jon’s talk
Lucy Block, ANHD
Charting Change: How can data visualization help us win progressive policies?

Lucy is a senior research and data associate at the nonprofit Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development in New York City. She’ll talk about using Datawrapper to shift public narratives and convince elected officials.

More about Lucy’s talk
Muna Alebri, UCL/UAEU
Inclusivity in Visualisation Design: Are we leaving right-to-left readers out?

Muna is a PhD candidate at the University College London Interaction Centre. She’ll talk about borrowing findings from cognitive perception research for guidelines for right-to-left visualizations.

More about Muna’s talk


To attend Unwrapped, simply register (for free!) at the top of this page. You’ll get a confirmation email, and if you click on the button in it, you’re in.

Unwrapped happens between Wednesday, March 13, and Friday, March 15, 2024; in the morning for Americans, the afternoon for Europe and Africa, and the evenings for Asia.

We’re still working on the agenda, but will share it with everyone who signed up once it’s finalized. We’ll also add the date and time to the speaker information above.

No. Only selected people on the Datawrapper team will be able to see your entered information in an unsummarized form. We ask you about your location, organization, etc. in the registration form so that we can

  • get a better sense of who’s attending Unwrapped, and can communicate some summarized stats to the speakers beforehand, too.
  • share a few summarized stats (maybe even charts!) about who’s attending during the conference.
  • share only important information with you. If you’re telling us you’re a pro Datawrapper user, we probably won’t send you the reminder about our intro session.
  • When you enter the conference stream, you will be able to enter your name and organization freshly.

Yes, all talks will be recorded – but it might take a few weeks before they show up on our Youtube channel.

No, you can keep your pyjamas on: Your video and audio won’t be shared at any time. That said, you can chat with other attendees (and for that, we’ll ask for your name when you enter the conference). Some of your chat messages – especially if you ask questions – might be displayed for everyone in the video conference and show up in the recorded talk.

Simply register, and you’ll automatically get information about new announced speakers, the agenda, how to attend the conference, and more.

Our call for speakers is officially closed – but if you’d like to give a talk, do get in touch with our head of communication Lisa at with your idea. Even if we won’t be able to make it happen at this Unwrapped…maybe there’s a next time?

Get in touch with us at We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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