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Color regions by election results, unemployment rates, or any other data you want to show.
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Mapping is hard? We’re here to prove you otherwise.

If you have data for regions, you can create a map. It’s that simple.

Find more than 3000 maps for your data in Datawrapper

Preparing geo data is often the hardest part of mapping. In Datawrapper, you can use more than 3000 basemaps of administrative regions, like US states, ZIP Codes in New York or electoral districts in Berlin.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Use our GeoJSON upload, or contact us at Our map expert Anna will happily create a new basemap for you and our collection.

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Screenshot of the basemap selection in Datawrapper
Interactive, zoomable, responsive

This map here is a bit special: It’s a choropleth cartogram, in which the squares are sized according to a country’s population.

Like all our choropleth maps, it looks great on desktop devices, tablets, and mobile phones, by default. And it’s interactive: Click on the zoom button or hover over the squares to see the underlying data as tooltips – or turn all interactivity off in our map editor.

Color options with great defaults

Colors are the main ingredients of any choropleth map – and hard to get right. Datawrapper keeps it simple. Choose any of the carefully prepared default color palettes, and you’re ready to publish.

Want more control? Change things like the colors of your gradients or the interpolation in your continuous scales to make regional patterns visible.

Screenshot of the map process
Explain what’s happening on your map with annotations

Adding annotations to your choropleth map is as easy as clicking a button.

You can even add long explanations without worrying about mobile readers: They’ll see your annotations as a numbered list below the map.

Find out more about annotations

And there’s more:

Categorical maps
Upload columns with categories instead of numbers for each region to color them by category (like “yes” and “no”).
Customizable color key
Display exactly the color legend you need and want: Steps, gradients, swatches, with exact values or own text (“low” – “high”).
Fast to load & use
All Datawrapper visualizations are optimized for immediate visibility across all devices and network speeds.
Flexible tooltips
Use HTML and expressions like IF/ELSE in your tooltips, or show values from extra columns you uploaded.
Tooltips outside the iframe
Display tooltips outside of the iframe to be more flexible than with Datawrapper’s in-build tooltips. Learn more.
Live updating
Create visualizations that update themselves periodically. Simply link to an external CSV or Google Sheet. Learn more.
Colorblind check
Benefit from our colorblindness simulator that automatically flags problematic colors. Learn more.
Like all Datawrapper visualizations, our maps look beautiful on desktop devices, tablets, and smartphones.
Export as PDF or SVG
Download your finished graphics as full-vector PDF or SVG files to refine them in tools like Adobe Illustrator.
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