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example of a Datawrapper locator map
Show where something happened or is located with our powerful locator maps.
Create a locator map

Simply show “Here it is”

…and then show the context with our inbuilt hill shading, region highlights, inset maps, etc.

Add markers to highlight locations and areas

Search for cities, points of interest, or addresses, or click on the big, blue “Add marker” button – and voilà, you get a point marker.

Or highlight whole regions with area markers and style them. Select them directly in our tool, or import them as GeoJSONs.

GIF of the process of adding markers to locator maps
Show mountains & valleys with one click

If you’re creating a map about a hilly area, it’s helpful to show a shaded relief. In our locator maps, that’s a click away.

Our full-vector export for locator maps also includes shaded relief. Export the locator map as an SVG or PDF, and then change the colors, opacity, etc. of the hillshades.

Learn more about shaded relief in our blog
Choose between four different map styles

Our locator maps come with four map styles you can pick from. And you can customize each style further by toggling different layers on and off.

If you’re interested in a custom map style for your organization, get in touch with us:

Ask us for a custom map style
the four map styles you can choose in Datawrapper locator maps

And there’s more:

3D view of buildings
Tilt your locator map and turn on 3D buildings for a bird’s-eye view of cities.
Inset maps
Show a globe or a region (e.g. a state) in your map corner to display the geographical context of your map.
Like all Datawrapper visualizations, our maps look beautiful on desktop devices, tablets, and smartphones.
Export as PDF or SVG
Download your finished graphics as full-vector PDF or SVG files to refine them in tools like Adobe Illustrator.
Map legend
Add a key below or above your map with an explanation of your areas, lines and point markers.
Add tooltips to your point markers to let readers discover additional information.
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example of a Datawrapper locator map Create a map

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