Thank you for using Datawrapper („the site“, „the service“), operated by Datawrapper („we“, „us“, „the company“.)

Your privacy, ownership of data and security are important to us. There is an evolving data economy and the use of data for the public good is an important area of development. Gathering, cleaning, visualizing and publishing data has value.

Datawrapper aims to be part of this, in a responsible and user-oriented way.

When using Datawrapper to upload data, create charts and maps and publish the result to other websites you are interacting with this service in multiple ways. This privacy policy provides information on how we handle your privacy rights and content ownership as well as all other information that is collected about the site, it’s usage and users.

Logfiles, User and usage tracking

We use Matomo to track usage of the site and charts created with the service. The primary reason for this is to understand the extent of usage, for example to upgrade our servers or storage if that is needed. We are not sharing this log file information or selling such information. We reserve the right to use portions or aggregated numbers for marketing, presentations, though never by disclosing personal information about you without your consent.

You can disable Matomo using the link below:

Third-Party Service Integration

To run the site we use a number of third-party services, namely Amazon AWS, Matomo and PayPal as well as servers operated by providers. In order to use the site you need to register with a name and a working e-mail address. Other means for sign up are provided via GitHub and Twitter – in such cases you can give us a revocable permission to connect to your profile. We will never use the provided log-in credentials for any other use than to enable the use of the site for you. Personal information is not given to Third Parties for advertising or other reasons.

Information we collect

We need a user name and e-mail address to connect your account with the charts and maps you create. When uploading data to the site always keep a local copy of that data, just in case to shelter yourself against data losses.

Datawrapper and Datawrapper will only use this personal information to enable the use of the service. We do not sell your personal data to any outside party.

Business Transfers

As we develop the service and the site we might enter into agreements with other companies for partial or full ownership. In such an event, sale, reorganization, dissolution or other similar events, Personal Data of users may be part of the transferred assets. Should such an event occur we aim to provide opt-out options for such transfers.

To enable some convenience to not fill out the log-in screen every time we use cookies that keep that information for a certain time (usually 30 days). After that period, out of security reasons, you will be asked to enable a new cookie for a new session of the same period.


At no time will we contact you to ask for sensible information such as your password or other information. Should you need support to retrieve your password please note that all passwords are encrypted and can not be accessed even by us. In worst cases you will need to re-register, we can then start a procedure to re-connect you to the charts you created. Depending on the number of charts we might need a call back number or other means to identify you reliably as the owner and creator of such chars.

We might need to disclose personal data of single users based on requirements by law, for example should a mis-use of the site or the upload of unauthorized data occur. This might result in legal obligations or urgent needs to suspend or block an account. In such an event we will aim to notify a user that is affected by such actions.


The privacy policy covers your personal data, but not the content you create and publish through the platform, such as charts that you embed on a public website. We reserve the right to display selected charts on our public gallery for promotional services, though always by naming the source of these visualizations.

Ownership of content

The data sets, charts and maps are remaining with you. You have the right to use the site as described in the Terms of Service to upload, create and publish charts, based on the usage models and usage policies described in the Terms of Service.

Access to your content

We provide a self-help system to retrieve passwords should they get lost. In order to ensure that activation mails and mails to re-set your password please add this e-mail address to the contacts in your mail application. Otherwise, depending on the settings of public and corporate e-mail systems our automated e-mails might not reach you correctly or end up in your spam folder Please contact us should the retrieval of your login information or resetting a password does not work as expected. Do not hand over your personal access information at any time to third parties claiming to be part of Datawrapper or any other affiliated company or organization. Our team will never ask a user for her or his password. Period.

Your obligations

You need to make sure that data you upload is free to use or that you have specific rights to use this data for publication. You need to provide a working e-mail address in order to enable us contacting you. If you act on behalf of an organization or company you need to ensure that you are entitled to act for this company.


We aim to keep your personal information, any other material related you your use of the platform and service as well as all content secure. If you find a security problem, please contact us immediately. Keep in mind that e-mails and other means of communication might not be fully secure and encrypted.

We take reasonable steps to protect your Personal Data and content from loss, misuse or unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, destruction. However, no storage or internet connection and other technology is fully secure and there is no guarantee that in rare events the service might suffer from an outage, a security breach that has not been detectable before or other events that might affect the security and access to your personal data and content. Please always keep copies of the data you have uploaded to Datawrapper. Use secure passwords and do not share those with others.

Updating your personal information

We provide a working self-help system to keep your personal information current and accurate. Should you run into problems that this process is not working e.g. not getting activation mails we can take reasonable steps to update or change your Personal data. Please note that we can never see or change a users password, as this information is encrypted and not accessible even to us.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is subject to changes. These will usually only change details, we do not intend to change the policies described above in a fundamental way. We will publish updates and make them known on this website, usually prior to any of these changes taking effect.

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