Why us? Because we empower everyone to create beautiful charts, maps and tables. Including you.

 Desktop computer, tablet and smartphone showing the same Datawrapper scatterplot, showing the responsive functionality
 Desktop computer, tablet and smartphone showing the same Datawrapper scatterplot, showing the responsive functionality

Fully responsive

We care about your mobile users.

The Excel screenshot that looks fine on your big screen becomes barely decipherable on a smartphone – and with so many mobile readers of your web articles, that's a problem. That's why the charts, maps & tables you create with Datawrapper are readable on all devices. Labels adjust, fewer grid lines appear, and the font size stays the same. Free

No code required

Datawrapper empowers everyone to create digitally optimized charts, maps, or tables. It's as easy as following four steps. We tell you what you need to do, one thing after another, until you hit the "Publish" button. Free

Learn more about how we make ease of use a priority.
 the four steps when creating a Datawrapper chart, plus the interface within Datawrapper

No need to install or update (or rebuild the same chart after a crash)

Linux? Mac? Windows? We don't judge: Datawrapper works on the web. No need to install or update anything. You can access your charts from any computer on this planet, and every change you make to your charts, maps and tables is saved automatically. Free

 icons of three different computers and how the same chart is displayed perfectly on them

Good design, by default

There are so many design rules to keep in mind when building graphics. So we take care of a good chunk of them. Our design defaults are based on years of experience in data visualization, which keeps your charts easy to understand. No design skills required. Free

 Datawrapper app interface that shows how users get guided when creating a chart

Try it for yourself, without signing up:

 The same line chart, shown in different layouts, with different fonts, background colors, margins etc.
 The same line chart, shown in different layouts, with different fonts, background colors, margins etc.

Custom styling

Charts, maps and tables in your brand identity, not ours.

Keep control over your brand. With Datawrapper, everyone in your team will create charts, maps and tables in your company style. We work together with your designers in a one-on-one process to craft a design template for your graphics, exactly according to your style guide. Change colors, margins, fonts, and add elements like logos. Learn more here. Custom plan and up

Live updating graphics

Great for elections & sports events: Connect your visualization to a live CSV feed or Google Sheet. Every time a reader opens your article, live data is pulled so they see the most up-to-date version, without you needing to manually update the chart. Free

 an US map that adds more and more election districts and reveals all election results eventually

One chart, many channels

Create a graphic once and use it on your website, on social media, in PDF reports, in print, etc.

You can export maps, charts & tables as
→ HTML Free
→ SVG, PNG and PDF Single plan and up

You can even define a CMYK color palette to directly embed graphics into your print publications Custom plan add-on.

 screenshot of the export section of the Datawrapper app above a screenshot of Adobe Illustrator with an arrow pointing downwards.

Collaborate & supervise

Think of Datawrapper as a Google Docs for charts.

You're annoyed of not being able to access your coworkers chart while they take care of a Kindergarten emergency? Our tool includes features like shared folders, a slack integration, a collaborative workflow and admin permissions, which enables your team members to edit or translate each others' charts. Some of our users also let in-house data viz experts oversee what the team is producing. Team plan and up

A powerful API

To automate the creation process, we offer an API: Create, update and publish charts without a single click, and read the documentation here for the details. Team plan and up

 Screenshot of the Datawrapper API code that shows the creation of a choropleth map

CMS integration

Create and publish charts without ever leaving your CMS: Datawrapper can be fully embedded into content management systems. Adding a responsive chart to an article becomes as easy as adding a photo.
Enterprise plan

 Mockup of a CMS with an integrated Datawrapper

Private charts by default & on-premise installation

Some graphics are not ready for the world yet. All the charts, maps & tables you create are private by default until you hit the "Publish" button. Free

Need more privacy? Become one of our users for which we install a local instance of Datawrapper on-premise. Enterprise plan

 illustration of a lock within a circle and a chart, showing that Datawrapper is secure

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