Stacked bars

Example of a Datawrapper stacked bar chart
Helpful for all situations when you want your readers to compare shares in different categories, our Datawrapper stacked bars are surprisingly flexible.
Create a stacked bar chart
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Create beautiful stacked bar charts in Datawrapper

Stack them, change their colors or number formats in our easy-to-use interface.

Add a layer of meaning with color.

Lead the reader’s eye by highlighting your most important bar category – in Datawrapper, that’s just a few clicks. And the color key is turned on by default, explaining to your readers what your colors indicate.

GIF of changing the colors of a Datawrapper stacked bar chart
Show your data perfectly with our flexible design options.

As soon as you upload your data, you will see a beautiful stacked bar chart – but every data set is different, and we want to help you communicate it best.

Turning off grid lines? Separating your bars by lines? Thickening the bars? Changing the value alignment? It’s all possible. Just click around until you’re happy.

Learn how you can customize a Datawrapper stacked bar chart in our Academy
Stack your percentages with a click.

Here’s how Datawrapper saves you time when creating charts: Upload absolute values – e.g. the number of movies – and then normalize them to 100% with one click.

Like all Datawrapper visualizations, our maps look beautiful on desktop devices, tablets, and smartphones.
Flexible number formats
Want to show 3,200,000 as 3.2m? Or 0.3760483 as 0.38? Or 32.1 as 32%? Do so with two clicks.
Colorblind check
Benefit from our colorblindness simulator that automatically flags problematic colors. Learn more.
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Over 100 Academy articles explain how to create each chart type, step by step. Plus: how to upload data, embed charts, what to consider when creating tooltips, and more.
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Example of a Datawrapper stacked bar chart Create a stacked bar chart
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