Multiple pies

Example of a Datawrapper multiple pie charts
Sometimes, one pie isn’t enough. Multiple pies are a great way to compare multiple categories and their shares with each other.
Create a multiple pies chart
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Multiple pies in Datawrapper: Simple, beautiful, responsive.

No matter how many you show, they’re always delicious.

Good-looking on all devices.

Our multiple pies are readable on desktop devices as well as on smartphones. That’s because our charts adjust depending on their width: The color key moves up, otherwise overlapping labels disappear, and the font size stays readable.

How Datawrapper multiple pies charts look like on a mobile and a desktop device
Customize your multiple pies until they’re perfect.

As soon as you upload your data, you will see some beautiful pies – but every data set is different, and we want to help you communicate it best.

Changing the colors? The pie size? The sorting? If your values should show up as relative or absolute values? It’s all possible. Just click around until you’re happy.

Learn how you can customize a Datawrapper Multiple Pies chart in our Academy
GIF of styling a multiple pies chart in the Datawrapper app
For small pies and big pies.

No matter if you want to show nine pies (like above) or just two – they always fit, and they always look beautiful.

Colorblind check
Benefit from our colorblindness simulator that automatically flags problematic colors. Learn more.
Flexible number formats
Want to show 3,200,000 as 3.2m? Or 0.3760483 as 0.38? Or 32.1 as 32%? Do so with two clicks.
Live updating
Create visualizations that update themselves periodically. Simply link to an external CSV or Google Sheet. Learn more.
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Example of a Datawrapper multiple pies chart Create a multiple pies chart
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