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We are currently not accepting applications for this role anymore. Thank you for your interest!

With the data visualization tool Datawrapper, people all over the world create charts, tables and maps – among others, symbol and choropleth maps. For these two map types, we’ve created more than 4000 basemaps. And we’re planning to create even more. That’s why:

We’re looking for a Werkstudent*in working on maps, 12–20 hours per week, for €18/hour.

You can work remote or at our office in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin – with a large external monitor, lots of data vis books, terrace, unlimited lemonade/coffee/tea/snacks of your choice.

What you’ll be doing

Your day-to-day job will be to find administrative maps online, adapt them to the needs of the Datawrapper tool, and implement them. Here’s roughly what this entails.

  • You will search for the best geo data for specific administrative regions (ZIP codes, counties, election districts, etc.), on government pages or sites like OpenStreetMap.
  • You will spend quite some time fixing the maps you want to implement: The projection might be weird, the IDs might be weird, etc. There’s always some weirdness that is waiting to be solved.
  • Often, our users have requests for specific maps. You will communicate with them if questions arise via email (they’re nice), and you will let them know once the new maps are implemented (then they’re super happy). These maps will almost always be made available for all Datawrapper users.

Hard requirements

  • You’re a map lover with patience and attention to detail.
  • You know your way around geo data in various formats, like GeoJSON, Shapefiles, and OSM data.
  • You’re fluent in English.
  • You have permission to work in Germany.
  • You’re organized. After a (long!) onboarding period, we’ll ask you to work mostly independently and juggle to-dos yourself.

Nice to have

  • You have experience with building maps on a computer. You’ve used QGIS before? Great! Mapshaper? Awesome!
  • You’re curious about new tools & technology, and quick in picking them up. You might not know how to use JavaScript or Makefiles yet, but the idea of learning them makes you excited, not sweat.
  • You speak another language besides English. German? Spanish? French? Arabic? Our customers are delighted if you speak back to them in their native language.
  • You’ve worked with customers before.
  • You have a journalistic mind. We want our mapping tool to have the most useful maps possible. It helps if you can ask: “What would a journalist need? What elections require a map in the coming months?”

About Datawrapper

Datawrapper is a web-based data visualization tool that enables people all over the planet to create charts, maps, and tables for web and print. Our users include news publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post, SPIEGEL, and ZEIT Online, as well as news agencies, government institutions, NGOs, think tanks, financial institutions, national statistical offices, universities, and cities like London, Madrid, and New York.

We’re >25 people, mostly working in Berlin. Many of us are developers, some have a background in journalism, some in maps and design — and all of us are excited about visualizing data.


Please get in touch with us at

We’re excited to hear from you!

– Anna, Margaux, and the Datawrapper team