A charting tool that's easy to learn & easy to use.

A simple 4-step process.

Creating a chart, map, or table is as easy as following four steps. We tell you what you need to do, one thing after another, until you hit the "Publish" button. No code required.

 step 1 in Datawrapper: upload your data

We don’t leave you alone.

During the chart creation process, you will find something we call “help balloons”: Little helpers that explain features and tell you how to use them best.

 different features in Datawrapper scatterplots

The only tool with an automated colorblind check.

You want everyone to understand your chart, so using colorblind safe colors is crucial. It's just hard to remember that. (We've been there.) That's why we check your colors direcly below each of your charts – so you don’t need to.

Learn more about our colorblind check on our blog.
 Datawrapper publishing options & export options
Datawrapper minimises the need to use
alternative, time-consuming visualization
, enabling me to experiment without investing valuable resource. It has also enabled the wider team to embellish stories with data graphics – without assistance or
additional training.
 Portrait of Adam Smith by Sky Sports
 Sky logo
Adam Smith is Data Editor at Sky Sports, working on bigger and smaller data visualizations, data sourcing, scraping, coding & geo mapping. He has a journalism degree and is competent at Teeline shorthand.

Friends don’t let friends create bad charts.

Datawrapper makes it as easy as possible to build readable charts, maps and tables – no design skills required.

There are so many design rules to keep in mind when building graphics. So we take care of a good chunk of them for you. Our design defaults are based on years of experience in data visualization, which keeps your charts easy to understand.

It’s impossible in Datawrapper to create bar charts that don’t start at zero. Or to make axis ticks unreadably small. Or to turn off the north arrow in locator maps once the map gets rotated. We don’t even let our users create hard-to-read chart types like the radar chart.

 Image alt text

We bring you chart knowledge in different flavors.

Tutorials, support, articles, a book club, workshops...

Our over 100 Academy articles explain to you how to create each chart & map type, step by step.

We explain to you how to use each chart type in dedicated Academy articles – plus how to upload data, embed charts, what to consider when creating tooltips and much more. And you can access all this knowledge directly while you're building a graphic.

Visit our Academy
 Screenshots of the Datawrapper Academy

We are humans. Humans who are happy to help.

If you still have questions after consulting our Academy, do write us! Our chief of customer happiness Elana or our CEOs David and Mirko will be back in touch as quickly as possible.

Write to us at
 The Datawrapper support team Elana, David and Mirko

Find inspiration & chart design tricks on our award-winning blog.

We talk about a chart and choices made while designing it in our "Weekly Chart" series (which comes as a newsletter too). Our blog is also where we introduce new features and our new teammates.

"Everyone doing dataviz should be reading this blog." – Kim Rees, Capital One

Visit our blog
 Screenshot of blog articles in the Datawrapper blog

“What to consider...”: Our series about chart design principles, explained simple.

What should you consider when creating a pie chart? How about a line chart? Maps? Or when choosing colors? We explain the most important design decisions when visualizing data, in a compact way.

Visit our "What to consider" series
 Thumbnails of our what to consider series

Read the data vis classics in our book club

Every one or two months, we read a book together. From Tufte over Cairo to Nussbaumer Knaflic – we can learn a lot from the experts. Get a copy and join us!

Check out what we're currently reading
 Book covers of data vis related books

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Do you want to get inspired by what other Datawrapper users are building? Or do you not want to miss any new features? Follow us on Twitter.

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Datawrapper's elegant simplicity makes it the perfect tool for teaching beginners and for people who need to make simple charts for the web.

Chad Skelton, instructor at Kwantlen & Florida university

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