Stacked column chart

Example of a Datawrapper stacked column chart
To show which sub-categories your categories are made of, the stacked column chart is an ideal choice.
Create a stacked column chart

Create beautiful stacked column charts with Datawrapper

Our automatic labeling saves you time and nerves.

Customize your stacked column charts until they’re perfect.

As soon as you upload your data, you will see a good-looking stacked column chart – but every data set is different, and we want to help you communicate it best.

Changing the colors? Turning off gridlines? Sorting columns? Increase the space between columns? It’s all possible. Just click around until you’re happy.

Learn how you can customize a Datawrapper stacked column chart in our Academy
Screencast of changing the colors of a stacked column chart in the Datawrapper app
Show values on hover to increase readability.

Interactivity in charts can increase the readability. Try to hover or tap on any of the areas in this chart – and you will see how the other parts tone down and make it easier to focus on your selected area.

Make your chart easier to read with direct labels.

It’s good data vis practice to label elements directly: It decreases the cognitive load on your reader’s side. Our stacked column charts label directly automatically, while making sure that labels don’t overlap each other.

Comes in your design
Send us your style guide and we’ll create a custom design theme for your brand, 100% white-labeled. Learn more.
Flexible number formats
Want to show 3,200,000 as 3.2m? Or 0.3760483 as 0.38? Or 32.1 as 32%? Do so with two clicks.
On desktop devices, tablets, or smartphones — Datawrapper visualizations are beautiful and readable everywhere.
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Example of a Datawrapper stacked column chart Create a stacked column chart
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